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Private Sector Unions (not including Airline Industry)

Lubin & Enoch, P.C. has represented dozens of private sector unions in matters arising under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 ("NLRA"), as amended, 29 U.S.C. § 151, et seq. and/or the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 ("LMRDA"), 29 U.S.C. § 401, et seq. For example, our attorneys have represented labor unions in the following industries:

  • Broadcasting (e.g., television stations, sports production);

  • Construction (e.g., commercial, residential, energy distribution);

  • Energy (e.g., electric generation and transmission, natural gas, petroleum, security personnel at nuclear power plant);

  • Entertainment (e.g., movie production, musicians, professional football, theater workers);

  • Food (e.g., baking, farming, grocery stores, soft drink production, water companies);

  • Healthcare (e.g., nurses, private ambulance drivers, home health care);

  • Leisure and hospitality (e.g., hotel employees, trade show employees);

  • Manufacturing;

  • Service (e.g., attorneys, secretaries, private security, janitors);

  • Telecommunications; and

  • Transportation (e.g., moving, trucking, maintenance).